Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Windy April and May, But the Fishing is Awesome!

Despite the unrelenting winds and dry conditions of April and early May, the fishing remains fantastic. The local meteorologists are predicting a change in the weather pattern, so, hopefully, by the time you read this, it’s a fact and not just a guess! After two months of windy, cloudy and terribly dry conditions, almost any change is welcome.

Baffin Bay, my new home, is becoming more familiar and has been very rewarding, with great catches of fish in numbers and in size. A large shrimp hatch as well as a plethora of “right-sized” mullet has offered our anglers large numbers of 20-25” trout on all of the rock piles and grassy shorelines. Topwater action has been great, but soft plastic paddletails have really paid off. Small lures, such as the Saltwater Assassin in almost any natural color on a 1/16th ounce jig head has become a staple. When it’s a little windier, the new Saltwater Assassin “Die Dapper”, which is a big-bodied paddletail is producing big strikes. This lure can be worked almost like a suspending bait, which makes it very effective for big trout.

All this trout talk coming from a dyed-in-the-wool redfish guide? Well, when in Rome…. But, even though the trout fishing has been off the charts, now is the time to get shallow, shallow, shallow. Legacy Paddlesports, the makers of the Native Ultimate kayak, have offered a coveted spot on their pro-staff this year. Armed with a set of brand new Native Ultimate 12’s, the back lakes of Alazan Bay, the South Shoreline of Baffin Bay, Landcut and 9-Mile Hole are getting ready to be daily destinations. Rockport is still just as good as ever and the back lakes of San Jose and the Lighthouse Lakes are really on fire, as would be expected for this time of the year. An abundant shrimp population, clear water and lots of healthy, shallow grass have made this year’s skinny water action very consistent.

May and June are about as prime time as it gets for fly anglers and shallow water sightcasters. Getting past the windy memories of March and April will be tough, but all it will take is a week of glorious weather and that will be in the past. It’s time to move on to the next phase of fishing….. beautiful conditions, clear water and a good, strong fishing pattern.

At the recent Fly Fishing Federation Conclave in San Antonio, my new seminar entitled “Discovering the Un-Fished Fly Waters of the Middle Texas Coast” was met with great interest. Instead of a list of “un-fished” places, the talk consisted of the methodology of finding these places, even in the midst of crowds on the water in Rockport. And, yes, there are even un-fished fly waters in Rockport! Open minds, creative technology and a sense of adventure will pay off for the angler interested in finding waters that are un-travelled. Satellite maps, books and charts are some tools, but there are so many more, beginning with looking deeper at the places that you already fish.

Tired of fishing with a hundred of your closest friends? Branch out, risk it and discover these un-fished places. When you do, the simple rule is to “keep them to yourself!!!” After the pain and uncertainty of adventure and discovery, why post it on an internet chat board?

The fun of fishing somewhere new and different, even it you don’t catch fish, is well worth the effort. For me, learning Baffin Bay, Alazan and points in between has been a grand adventure which has really paid off. Discovering these new, hidden places that hold unmolested fish has been like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Risk can hold great reward! Go forth and discover!

See you on the water!

Capt. Sally



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