Wednesday, July 13, 2011

June Fishing Forecast

Kayak fishing in 54 mph winds? It was interesting, to say the least, but the fishing this past Memorial Day was still great in a little hidey-hole in Baffin Bay. But now, the winds are finally laying and a summer pattern may be upon us. It’s about time…. That weather pattern was getting a little old, even for a fishing guide like me!

After a very windy spring, it’s time to start sight casting for big redfish and trout in the shallow waters of Alazan Bay, Baffin Bay and the shallow waters of the Upper Laguna Madre, my new home waters. This spring, even with the winds, the fishing has been awesome. The fishing in Rockport has been equally productive, with really big redfish and trout hanging in the shallow waters of the back lakes of San Jose Island and the Lighthouse Lakes Trails.

This Spring, although the conditions were very difficult, the quality of the fish being caught, both in Baffin and in Rockport has been very impressive to say the least. We are looking forward to a most exciting early summer with lighter winds and clear water. Prime time for shallow water sightcasting and fly fishing is finally upon us.

A renewed interest in kayak fishing has lead me to a new kayak sponsor, Legacy Paddlesports, the makers of the Native Ultimate Kayak. Bending Branches are providing lightweight carbon paddles and I could not be happier. Finding totally un-fished waters here has been an eye-opener! In the back of Baffin Bay, the shallow water is unmolested, the fish are big and the waters are clear. What a dream for a Rockport kayaker, used to being run over by airboats and a steady stream of shallow water boats. The “last best place” on the Texas Coast is a pretty fine place to kayak and I am blessed to be there exploring it for the first time. This place is truly a “grand adventure” for the explorer in all of us. Add to Baffin Bay the Land Cut and the 9 Mile Hole and any kayaker looking for a new place to ride won’t be disappointed. It’s awe-inspiring here, but, it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s remote, big and beautiful, but not easy to find. That’s what makes it so good.

June and July not only offer the best in shallow water sightcasting but bring everyone a chance to venture off-shore on low wind days. Tarpon and other big game fish are roaming the first and second guts and bars along the beachfront and for those of us with the desire to catch one on the fly, we will be taking the opportunities as they come. Sneaking out the jetties on one of “those days” can be very exciting, but make sure you have the right fly rods, lines and leaders for the most success. Swan Point Landing’s Orvis Shop in Rockport has exactly what the near-offshore fly angler needs, along with the knowledge to put it all together.

Embarking on this new season, finally, a new weather pattern and an awesome fishing adventure is very exciting, and provides a renewed interest in so many things. Finding unfished waters, paddling new kayaks and hanging out in one of the most fantastic fishing places on the Texas Coast makes it all worth while. Hope you can join me here in Baffin for an awesome summer!

See you on the water,

Capt. Sally

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