Friday, May 22, 2009

Fly Fishing in Baffin Bay!

Learning and Fly Fishing Baffin Bay
May 20-21, 2009

What an interesting trip I just took to Baffin Bay. Capt. Aubrey Black, (seen in the photo to the left....), takes great pride in his home waters. He has gratiously agreed to "teach" me how to manuever the treacherous rocks of Baffin.

So, on Wednesday and Thursday, we roamed the waters of Baffin Bay with Aubrey trying to help me and my GPS get a handle on the layout of the waters there.

Besides the wonders of that bay system, Aubrey, his wife Karen and I caught so many fish on Wednesday, our arms were tired! We wandered into the shallowest waters of the bay and found unmolested fish, both big reds and trout. Then, Aubrey poled me down a long and beautiful crystal clear shoreline and I got to fly cast to a hundred redfish in 6" of water. I only caught about 10, should have caught at least 20, but it was so much fun, it was hard to get too serious on the fishing!
Then, yesterday we took my Curlew again and found some new water, caught about as many trout as three people could catch in Alazon Bay and marked more rocks on the GPS.

I am really looking forward to fishing more in Baffin, taking some clients down there to feast their eyes on some of the best fly water in Texas, and doing some cast and blast trips with Capt. Aubrey Black, the best guide in Baffin. His forte and claim to fame is trophy trout, (one of his clients, the day BEFORE I got there, caught a 10.4 pound, 31" trout!), but I can tell that his secret love is shallow water sightcasting for redfish and trout! He can even pole a skiff!
Here are a few more photos from our trip.

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