Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cast and Blast and Blast and Blast....

After a great week in Rockport last week, I headed down to Baffin on Friday for another Cast and Blast trip with Capt. Aubrey Black.

Getting pretty used to the routine by now, I'm feeling a little more comfortable guiding in Baffin and dove hunting as well. My black lab, Kelly, is too. She's a lot of fun to hunt with and just can't get enough of the retrieve, of course.

After a big norther blew through on Friday, we all hoped that the wind would lay for our fishing trip to the Nine Mile Hole on Saturday morning.

Of course, Mother Nature did not cooperate, so we headed out across the Laguna Salada to the South Shoreline of Baffin, around Penascal Point and toward the Land Cut. Protected water was hard to find, but the trip was just a little wooley in a couple of places. After an hour's boat ride, we entered the Nine Mile Hole.

Windy and rainy, the fishing was challenging, but we did manage to catch 10 trout and 2 reds in the few hours we had to fish. Capt. Aubrey Black's group did a little better with 4 reds, two black drum and two trout.

Heading to the boat ramp, we got back around 12:30pm. After a little breather back at the house, we loaded up and headed to the dove field around 3:00pm.

Lush, green pastures and good flights of dove greeted us for the rest of the afternoon, with great comaraderie and lots of dove shot.

Kelly had a great time retrieving for everyone, she even took some time out to smell the butterflies....

The next day, another blast of rain greeted us at the boat ramp, so we all decided to hunt again instead of fishing.

The morning turned out to be beautiful for hunting with another great time in the dove field before calling it a day and going home....

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