Monday, October 19, 2009

Another Great Weekend in a Norther!

The weekend started out hot, really hot, even for South Texas. It was 100 degrees getting out of the truck with Kelly for a dove hunt in Conception, Texas. Pre-front conditions made it tough to keep Kelly and her fellow black retriever Rocksy cool during their 30+ retrieves.

The last hunting spot of the afternoon was a tank at sunset, which both dogs really enjoyed.

The next morning, conditions had done a 180 degree turn, with hard blowing north winds and cool temperatures.

My fishing clients for the day, Don and Mike, decided that they'd like to drift fish, so we picked a spot that was protected from the winds in Cayo del Grullo in Baffin Bay. Making multiple drifts, we picked up both reds and trout on soft plastics, but saw a bunch of reds and black drum in surprisingly shallow and clear water. Not many takers, though. Guess the abrupt change in conditions took them off of their feed. After a few hours of trying to keep our hats on, we headed back to the ramp for a little rest before our dove hunt that afternoon.

Another successful hunt for everyone, (which included an unbelievable butterfly migration that lasted several hours...) a long drive home and a great steak dinner and then something a little unexpected happened. Sitting out in the yard having a cold beer before turning in, we were all greeted by a javelina who entered our "camp". All the dogs went nuts and so did the javelina! Armaments where drawn by almost everyone in case the javelina had friends and got aggressive. We stood him down successfully and went on with the rest of our evening!

Next morning, blowing even harder that the morning before, we all decided to pile into Capt. Aubrey Black's big Haynie for the long ride to Nine Mile Hole. Half of our group waded, the other half drifted. A couple of reds, a big handful of trout, all on topwaters, but fishing was still a little slow. We all had a great time, though! I met some great new people and got a little more "Baffin experience". I'm looking forward to our next group cast and blast. Pretty soon duck season will open..... Kelly is going to be ready!

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