Thursday, September 24, 2009

The First Real Norther of 2009

The first real norther of the year passed through a couple of days ago, and of course, I was out on the water to witness it first hand...
When water, sky and clouds converge in a solid, dark, wall, it's time to take cover, especially when the temperature drops 20 degrees as a cold wind blows through.
Prior to the front, which hit around 11am or so, we were poling in the Lighthouse Lakes. With hardly a breath of wind blowing and thunderstorms all around, the promise of a big change was in the air.
Redfish tailing in pods were all around us. Poling front pod to pod, but keeping a mindful eye on the sky, I knew that this scenario would be changing real soon...
Within a few minutes, hot air was replaced with cold air and the sky started to close in. Greeted now with a north wind at 40mph, it was time to get off the poling platform. Moving to the Brown and Root Flat, we tried a downwind drift that no drift-sock could slow. Thinking that the change of weather might turn some fish on to bite, we stuck with it for a while, but, to no avail.
Sometimes you just can beat Mother Nature...

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