Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shallow Water Fly Fishing in Rockport this Week

Finally, a little break in this long, long winter...!!! Poled the shallow water the past two days in Rockport with clients and found a good number of fish! What really surprised me, however, was where some of them were. With a cold wind blowing (although it was sunny), redfish were scattered on really shallow sand out in the open in the Brown and Root Flats! Also, there were groups of giant trout sitting next to some of the spoil islands on the Intracoastal in Redfish Bay. We had some great shots and the sunshine felt really good. I had the feeling that the fish really want it to be spring. Pods of hard heads were schooled up in the B&R with some redfish around them as well. This is the earliest that I've ever seen this phenomenon. I think the fish are just as sick of this cold weather as we all are!


  1. I can't blame the fish for wanting winter to be over..I am ready myself. Now about these Giant Trout lol

  2. You'll find these groups of giant trout hanging out around the backs of the spoil islands out from Hamptons and the Carbon Black Plant, along with Estes Cove. Every winter they are there. They don't eat much, but every once in a while, you can tempt them to take a big fly or a lure. I think they eat about once a week and something really big!